Negotiation Tactic Number 1 – Keeping up with the Joneses

What is it?

This tactic plays on people’s competitive spirit and puts uncertainty in their mind. It is used when one party tells the other that they are out of step with the rest of the market, and that their competitors are offering more favourable terms. For example, if you are buying a car, tell them that the other dealer down the road has got great offers on at the moment.

Counter Tactics (if it is used on you)

  • stick to your plan.
  • If you have built in room to your offers, then you can move (with conditions), in order to let them think they are winning
  • Use it on them. Tell them that everyone else is accepting your terms and by implication they are the ones who are out of step.



Dan Hughes

He has specialised in negotiation consulting since 2005, and set up his own business in 2012 bringing this expertise to businesses small and large in all parts of the world. This company - bridge][ability ltd - runs behavioural and strategic planning negotiation skills programs which transform capabilities and has a client list which includes Tesco, The FA, Fujitsu, Capita, Reiss, Take 2 Interactive (the company behind Grand Theft Auto), BBC Worldwide and Channel 4.

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