I am Dan Hughes.
For over 13 years I have been teaching negotiating skills…

About Dan

Dan has vast experience in the field of commercial negotiation. He started his career selling high value software and moved through sales training to sales leadership roles in corporate organisations such as Pitney Bowes and Orange Business Solutions.

He has specialised in negotiation consulting since 2005, and set up his own business in 2012 bringing this expertise to businesses small and large in all parts of the world. This company – bridge][ability ltd – runs behavioural and strategic planning negotiation skills programs which transform capabilities and has a client list which includes Tesco, The FA, Fujitsu, Capita, Reiss, Take 2 Interactive (the company behind Grand Theft Auto), BBC Worldwide and Channel 4. bridge-ability/Client-List

This summer he has trained members of the Department for Exiting the EU in behavioural negotiation skills development.

As well as training negotiating skills, he also advises his clients on how to achieve success in their negotiations. This does not involve developing the skills of the individuals, but in ensuring that the negotiation itself is successful, whether it be a joint venture, a take-over or a price increase.

Dan is married and has two daughters of first school age. He also enjoys competing in triathlons.

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