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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

“The fact is that most people find negotiating uncomfortable… and I can help you with this”

You probably negotiate more than you realise, and by following the Negotiating Guru you will get some easy to digest tutorials on how to improve your negotiating skills. Whether you negotiate as part of your job, or you are buying or selling a car, house or anything else, you will benefit from this level of expertise. What about your rent, your pay, your kids and your partner? These are all opportunities for you to get better outcomes.

The Negotiating Guru

Dan Hughes
Dan Hughes - Negotiation Guru

Dan is an expert in negotiation who has advised companies and individuals the world over on how to negotiate more effectively.  He now wants to share his trade secrets with you, so that you will no longer make the mistakes that are costing you money. 

Dan has 25 years of negotiating experience and in 2012 established his own negotiation consultancy. He works with some of the biggest brands in the world from retail to sports, fashion and more.

He is considered one of the leading experts in his field globally.

I can help you with


Understand the dynamic of power and how to change the balance of power in your favour 


Become better at the art of influence at work, at home and all aspects of your life.


Have greater control over yourself, the process, the other party and the outcome.


Feel more comfortable in your negotiations, become more skilled and ultimately make more money

Just some of the brands
Dan has trained

Negotiation is both an art and a science

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

By following Dan he will take you through techniques which have been proved to work in some of the toughest negotiating environments. 

He will give you tips and tactics which will  increase your chances of success in any negotiation you may ever be involved in. 

There will be regular easy to digest articles, alongside video tutorials, where Dan will share with you his methodology.

Get bitesize chucks of advice that you can digest ‘on the go’

You will receive the latest negotiation advice before anyone else and your details will never be shared with others. 


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